My Review of Google’s New “Search By Image” Feature

For best viewing, full screen the video.


  1. This should be a real aid to professional photographers whose images get ripped off all the time without payment. Copyright violations will be easier to spot.

    On the flip side, all the more reason for bloggers and webmaster NOT to just grab images on the Web and use them without permission, as such uses will be much easier to discover with this new image search capability. You could find yourself presented with an invoice for royalties for use of an image without permission.

    • Joe Hall says:

      So true Anita. Reputation management could also be a new avenue for this. Thinking of companies that can specialize is tracking and removing (out ranking) images or celebs and public figures.

  2. I love this new feature. I can foresee this being VERY helpful in things like “Identify this bug”, identifying pieces of artwork, gathering other images for use in a design (via visually similar images) or possibly letting people figure out where a photo was taken.

    And, as Anita mentioned, it’s handy as can be for finding copyright infringements.

  3. very cool, great feature. Scares me how “clever” Google is getting..

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