No Longer A Ninja, But There Is More To Come!

1 year, 8 months, 22 days ago I took the position of Senior Marketing Analyst at Internet Marketing Ninjas. It has been an amazing experience filled with awesome memories and opportunities. However, this was my last week working at IMN. Jim Boykin has done an amazing job assembling a stellar team of digital marketers that are constantly light years ahead of most of the other professionals in this industry. The whole time I was a Ninja I was in awe at how Jim was able to grow a SEO firm and still provide such high quality services. I think Jim’s secret formula entails his obsessive desire to understand the evolving search landscape, coupled with a team of professionals that demand the very best for their clients.

It was an honor and pleasure to be a part of that environment during my time there!

Whats next for Joe Hall?

That’s a really good question! I am now providing consulting services to select clients. However, I have a handful of new start up ideas that I am considering to be my “next big thing”. Hopefully I will be able to talk more about those as I am able to get closer to finalizing my plans. 🙂