Links are making people go crazy!

OK, I want to first start off by saying that this will be a short one because I am really busy today.

Lets start things off by pointing out a post at Michael Gray’s blog where he talks about Guy Kawasaki writing reviews for products that he has been given. This prompted the debate over the link aqquistion only for us all later to find out that Guy doesn’t really know that much about links to begin with!

Maybe Guy should take a look at Dave Snyder’s most recent post.

A local police department in Wisconsin opens up a criminal investigation after a woman links to their web site. The police department ordered a cease and desist of the link. The woman responded with a law suit against the city at large! Moral of the story here is what ever you do, don’t send any link juice to the Sheboygan Police Department (Oops!) What makes this get even more interesting is this article that describes this whole insanity. Scroll down to the bottom of the article and tell me if you see anything funny at the bottom right. 🙂


  1. Rofl @ the “Buy a link here” in that article. Now that is stealthy link selling!

    Kinda proves that Google really cannot algorithmically detect link buying/selling since the site is regularly index, has a PR of 6 and clearly sells links in the most blatant way!

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