Just Checkin In…

Ok, so I know that I haven’t written anything here in a long time. I wonder how many times that last sentence is written in blogs? Well, anyways I am writing this entry to update those that care, about a few changes that have been going on. I am now on my second month as the IT Specialist/Web Developer at CENTURY 21 At The Beach. I never thought that I would ever work in Real Estate. However, one of the things that I have learned over the last year is that life is always full of surprises and those that open themselves up to the improbability of the future tend to be happier and more successful. I am not sure how long I will be at CENTURY 21, but I don’t think that Real Estate is an industry I want to make a career in.
I am still doing some web development for clients on the side but for the moment RBM is going pretty slow. I have a few projects that I want to work on. For example I ran across OpenLaszlo this morning and after previewing several of their example projects I am very interested in try to develop something in that platform. I also have been doing a lot of customization of WordPress 2.1.3 for a client and I am considering taking what I have done and packaging it as a separate product for sale.
Up until very recently I have been strictly opposed to Flash as a development platform for many reasons. However, I recently used it on the new site that I developed for my work. And I must admit that it is surprisingly fun to work with. I think that perhaps I will re-explore my issues with flash and maybe use it in the future….I will probably write a blog about it….so stay tuned!

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