Introducing 22 Media LLC

It is my proud pleasure to present to you 22 Media LLC.  22 Media LLC is the new name of JOZSOFT, plus a bunch more exciting stuff! I will still be providing custom web programming and design, but we will also offer powerful marketing solutions for web startups and businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Whats makes 22 different?

Marketing with roots. Some of you may know that before I got into Internet marketing, I was heavily involved in grassroots political action. Grassroots activism at its heart is marketing. In both marketing and grass roots advocacy, we promote ideas, organize people around information, and sell hope. 22 Media will approach our marketing campaigns by blending the fundamentals of both Internet marketing and grassroots advocacy.

People matter. I am a firm believer that people matter. Clients, contractors, customers, users, artist, engineers and everyone else, all play an important role in how we run our business and engage the world. I only want the best of the best involved with 22. Therefore, one of my first moves with 22 will be to build an invite only partnership network of artist, engineers, and content producers. Together we will work on projects of the highest quality. We might not be the cheapest, but you can rest assured that the folks working on your finished product have high standards of excellence and produce nothing but the very best!

If you want a web marketing and development company that expects nothing but the very best in everything we do and engage, then give 22 Media LLC a call!

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