IM Spring Break is Going to Make You Pee Your Pants!

So, if you haven’t heard already, the fine folks over at are hosting what some are calling the blow out internet marketing conference of the year.  IM Spring Break will be a hyper-networking/hyper-educational event. They are capping attendees to 200, which means that there will be very focused & intimate discussions revolving all aspects of internet marketing.

I have already bought my ticket, but many of you haven’t! So, hurry up and register because like I said before only 200 lucky souls will be there.

The conference organizers are hosting a contest to send one lucky attendee to the conference free of charge. The rules for the contest basically state that all those who enter must write an article detailing 7 things that they predict will happen during the conference. Then tag as many people you like with links. If you have been tagged then you must write and article as well and tag back to the original tagger. Who ever gets the most tags will win.

Allyson Ferguson (aka SEOAly) tagged me in her contest entry.  Allyson really wants to go, but I have already paid for my ticket so, I am going to play along anyways so Allyson can get my linkback.

This will be my first internet marketing conference so I am not really sure what to expect, but I have a feeling that around 85% of the attendees will pee their pants at least once. You see, in every adult’s life there will come a time when something so amazing, so mind blowingly awesome occurs that they lose all bladder control. I think this is called called “urge incontinence“. Most adults don’t start experiencing these awestruck events until in their 80s, but some are lucky enough to piss their pants at a much young age.

Don’t get me wrong, peeing your pants can be embarrassing, especially when around all your “professional” internet marketing colleagues. Therefore to give you a bit of a heads up, I am going to lay out events that might induce pants pissing.

7 Reasons that You will Piss your Pants at IM Spring Break.

  • 25% will piss their pants when they hear Rae Hoffman‘s dirty secrets during her NDA Keynote.
  • 10% will piss their pants when they learn from Reg Saddler, Todd Mailcoat, and Neal Rodriguez, about the fruits of successful social bookmarking.
  • 10% will piss their pants in between sessions when I tell folks about WhosTalkin‘s future plans.
  • 10% will piss their pants when they hear from Brent Csutoras, Rae Hoffman, and Wil Reynolds about how to build links like a rock star.
  • 10% will piss their pants when they learn from gurus Li Evans, Jeff Quipp, and Brian Chappell about brand building through social media.
  • 15% will piss their pants when they discover, that as reports suggest, Dave Snyder is a bear!
  • 5% will piss their pants when Jordan Kasteler decides to take his skills offline and attempts to “sphinn” attendees  at the bar.

Wow, I think that Loren, Dave, and Jordan should look into buying some plastic tarps & and cleaning solution. Its either that, or make their conference extremely borining, and we know thats not gonna happen! See ya there!


  1. Thanks, Joe! I hope I get to see you – and all of the other attendees & speakers – at IM Spring Break! 🙂

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