ICANN Hands Out SEO Gold Nuggets to Large Corporations

Internet regulator ICANN recently voted to over haul the way it handles web addresses. Starting next year they will allow companies the ability to register their brands as TLDs. Which means we can start to expect www.mickey.disney. You can read more about the decision here.

What I am concerned about is all of the large corps reaping the SEO benefits of these branded URLs. Think about it: www.trucks.ford is going to rank allot higher than a small used car dealer that sells Ford Trucks, even with geographic search terms. It won’t matter how much money he puts into SEO he will never be able to market his product like the corporate competitors! Now of course if you own a local Ford franchise then I suppose that corporate could set up a site for you at smithautos.trucks.ford but that only means that you need corporate affiliation to compete in the same market place. I think this move is a win for large corporations that want to dominate SERPs. And if you think this will be the last of this type of behavior from those that regulate the internet, think again, this is just the beginning!

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