Help a Charity and Get MASSIVE Amounts Of Links

It’s the holiday season which means that its that time of year that I feel a bit generous (yes, just once a year, live with it). Here’s a great way that you can show your generosity by helping a charity in need and getting massive amounts of links for your good deed.

Here’s the secret: Give the charity of your choice a page on your web site. The vast majority of work that we do at jozsoft is web development for non-profits. From my experience there are LOTS of small non-profits and local charities that could greatly benefit from a web presence, however lack the funds required to make that presence a reality. If I could I would give away all my services for free to non-profits, but then I would be out of work and never finish with the TONS of them that need web help. Trust me they are out there, just start looking.

Did you say something about links??

Yes, I did. There’s no reason that you shouldn’t get something out of being such a great guy or girl, right? Here’s how the links work: when you add the charity’s page to your site you are effectively extending your web presence into their organization. This is extremely powerful because, every member, volunteer, staff person, constituent, and supporter will automatically become your domain advocate and hopefully link builder.

I have done this several times and have seen huge success with each. But there are a few things to keep in mind that work best.

One Page – Why just one? It’s allot easier to do just one page and it will be easier to focus link juice to other parts of your site if you have fewer pages. All their information on one page means all links pointing to one place, you get the idea. Many don’t care putting all there info on one page when its free.

Linkable Content – Encourage the organization to provide content for the page that people want to tell others about or link to. Examples are: monthly calendars, fund raising messages, information about upcoming events, resources for their members, or even embeddable content like videos or slideshows from different events.

Active Orgs. – Organizations that stay active are the ones that will build the most links, because they are the ones that have the most to talk about. Examples of active groups would be church youth groups, boy and girl scouts, School PTAs, and others.

The Right Org.
– Its important to pick an organization that you don’t have any fundamental disagreements with, otherwise you might have a problem if you have to remove their page in the future.

PageRank Sculpting
– Ok I don’t want to advise that everyone does this because it is more on the grayer/black side of SEO. However, if you really want to send the most link juice possible to the rest of your site then at the very least you should include one or two links to your home page on the non-profit’s page. This can be done by including a link at the bottom that says something like, “this page is sponsored by jozsoft”. Then, “nofollow” the rest of the links except the one to your home page. Only do this in moderation because all of the authenticity that you have just received by helping a charity will be gone if caught.

I hope this is helpful and encourages you to help out a local non-profit or charity this holiday season. Remember, the links are the added bonus, and the better your free service to the charity is, the more links you will receive, people like talking about good things!


  1. Joe – this is a super “win win” idea! Put it out on delicious and will talk it up with friends looking to improve SEO results as well! Thanks for the heads up!

    Kevin Sandridge
    Winter Haven, FL

  2. Well … very good idea …

    Mostly these people will get cheated by some web developers who will charge them half of the danish GDP for a smalle site.

    A small wordpress soloution works just fine for these people in many cases – and could be made for only a few links … *LOL*

    Steen Öhman
    SEO-Check – online marketing


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