30 Day Challenge: Meditate Everyday.

I used to use a breathing meditation often as a form of pain management. However, over the years the type of pain that I had, changed, and with it so did treatment. ¬†Along the way I abandoned my meditations. However with in the last 6 months I have been increasingly interested in getting back into […]

30 Day Challenge: Exercise Every Day

In this post, I am announcing two things: A new category to my blog, and a new 30 day challenge for August. During the month of August, I am going to exercise everyday. I used to swim three days a week, but for various reasons, I quit doing that. Now I want to get back […]

30 Day Challenge: No Social Media

Several years ago I watched this video by famed Googler, Matt Cutts. Since then I have always wanted to take a 30 day challenge. Quitting social media for 30 days has always been something I have had an interest in. However, I have never been able to, due to the demands of my career in […]