No New Years Resolutions For 2011

One of the things that I learned in 2010 was that to get things done, many times you have to work them into your “work flow”. For example, I started responding to support issues faster and more often after I piped them into Thunderbird. I just started using Evernote and I can already see a […]

While Tumblr Fails, Find Stability On Your Own Micro-Cloud!

If you haven’t heard the news yet, microblog, lifestream giant tumblr is down. And not just for a few hours, but at this point 18!! On the internet that’s a lifetime! The free service provides blogs to some top players in mainstream media and a few giants in social media. So you can see this […]

Digital Subjectivity, Explored

The image above is a screen shot of my Twitter. Yep, that’s right, I said “my” Twitter. You see no one else looks at Twitter the same way I do. No one else has the same follower/following formula. Sure many may have the same number of followers, but no one has the same followers and […]

I’ll See You In 2011

I have some great news! 22 media is doing awesome. Since changing our name and adding a host different marketing services, we have acquired a handful of new clients and have seen growth in both traffic and conversions of several of our properties. To put it simply, business is good. And every entrepreneur knows that […]

A Quick Review Of The New Twitter Interface

Well folks its finally here! We have the new and my initial reactions are good. Take a look at this video a let me hear your thoughts in the comments!

WordPress Easter Egg

Programmers are funny people. Really, they have a sense of humor if you look hard enough. The best proof of programming humor are Easter Eggs. No, I am not talking about dyed eggs that soon become egg salad. I am talking about hidden features or “events” that programmers purposely hide in their code for their […]

Introducing 22 Media LLC

It is my proud pleasure to present to you 22 Media LLC.  22 Media LLC is the new name of JOZSOFT, plus a bunch more exciting stuff! I will still be providing custom web programming and design, but we will also offer powerful marketing solutions for web startups and businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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