30 Day Challenge: No Social Media

Several years ago I watched this video by famed Googler, Matt Cutts. Since then I have always wanted to take a 30 day challenge. Quitting social media for 30 days has always been something I have had an interest in. However, I have never been able to, due to the demands of my career in online marketing. Well, now that I am nestled into a great job at Internet Marketing Ninjas, I finally have the freedom to ignore social media for 30 days!

Starting June 1st 2013, I will not use social media for 30 days. This includes using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, and several dating sites (yes I use those too).

I hope to keep a personal journal about these 30 days and at the end share any insights that I have learned.

If you are a client, or business associate, fear not! Things on my end should be business as usual. I will still be available via email and phone. Also, feel free to use my contact page at this blog. All correspondence will be sent to my email account.

Wish me luck, and I will see you in July!


  1. Awesome news Joe, hope this goes well for you. For years, I had been wanting to do a 30 day no television challenge, I figured it would give me more time to work on Internet content. 30 days turned into 90 days, and 90 days turned into nearly a decade, it’s one of the most enlightening things I’ve ever done.

    Cheers to you and the next 30 days, things will definitely appear different when you get back (if you choose to come back).

  2. CJ Godlewski says:

    Good luck Joe!

  3. Love the ironic bio!

  4. Kumail Hemani says:

    Good luck Joe! I’ll miss your tweets 🙂

  5. Hi I have a question (: I’m doing this also, but I wanted to know. Does youtube count? I’m just doing no social networks for a month.


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