30 Day Challenge: Exercise Every Day

In this post, I am announcing two things: A new category to my blog, and a new 30 day challenge for August.

During the month of August, I am going to exercise everyday. I used to swim three days a week, but for various reasons, I quit doing that. Now I want to get back in the routine of working out and keeping my body active. For a person in an electric wheelchair, exercise is very important. When I used to have a manual chair, I would burn a lot of calories from pushing the chair around. Now that I have a power chair, I move a lot faster, and don’t get tired as often, but burn a lot less calories. Therefore, I want to get back into exercising, and potentially develop some routines I can share with my fellow rollers. Speaking of which I know many of my rolling friends exercise quite a bit, so if any of you have any tips, or routines you want to share please leave them in the comments. :)

Also, after my last 30 day challenge, I decided that I wanted to do another one. In fact I decided that maybe I would start doing them on a regular basis. As I started to think of all of the different challenges that I want to try, I asked myself, what was some of the driving motivations to finish the last one? While each challenge will come with different motivations, I think the biggest one for me was telling all of you I was going to do it. By stating publicly that I was challenging myself to do something, I was forcing myself to stick to it, or face the public humiliation of defeat. So that is why I have decided to blog about every 30 day challenge. By talking about each challenge publicly I will be leveraging the fear of disappointment and humiliation to drive me further. So with out further ado I present the 30 day challenge category!

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Richard C on July 31, 2013 at 8:34 pm.

That sounds great! I need to set a challenge like this for myself. I do workout, but not enough. I want to be fit as well. Hope your challenge went well, and wish me luck too! Cheers!


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